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Global Land Repair

May 11, 2012

I met Matt Kilby, founder of Global Land Repair, at the World Agroforestry Congress in Nairobi, Kenya (2009). Afterwards we ended up on the same multi-day van ride around Kenya facilitated by the World Agroforestry Center, during which time we passed hours on end in further plant/tree/agroforestry related discussion, mostly inspired by the highly degraded Kenyan landscape. I happened across his company website this morning, so I thought I’d post a link and some brief background information.

The Mission Statement of Global Land Repair is as follows: “Knowing that most of the degradation of earth, land, water and air can be repaired by trees, our mission is to instigate and inspire the planting of as many trees as possible on planet earth as quickly as possible with the maximum survival, growth rates and simplicity of care.”

Global Land Repair has been designing tree care products from experts in the field. We manufacture our products from the highest quality materials sourced within Australia not from overseas. Global Land Repair also inspire and educate people in best tree planting practice from soil preparation to after tree care.”

Aside from a fantastic looking range of tree planting and propagation products ranging from patented pink tree guards to beneficial mycorrhiza and herbicide, the website has a good list of informative articles. Global Land Repair also provides consulting services in Permaculture Design, Farm Consultation, and Equine Pasture Management.

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  1. May 12, 2012 10:08:36 am

    Really great site and good to see, Australian. We have many problems in common with Africa that our endless sun, blasting winds and erosion have perpetuated for many years. Our topsoil is both thin and ancient and once it blows away, its very difficult to grow anything. Couple that with rising water tables bringing salinity to the surface and hydrophobic soil and its a nightmare to deal with pasture let alone revegetation. Planting trees is really the only solution. I recently read an article from the Permaculture Research Institute discussing how Australia’s food security is now at risk because aside from selling off enormous tracts of land to foreign concerns, we are doing nothing to protect the soil for future production. Far from being the lucky country, we are mining ourselves into the ground. Cheers for another really interesting post. I have bookmarked that site and will be using it, and the company, in my next sustainable landscape design.

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