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Agroforestry 101

May 12, 2012

For those of you who are just becoming acquainted with agroforestry here is a concise overview from a NC State University website. The page offers a general definition of agroforestry while discussing different types of systems and exploring their benefits.  At the end of the page you will find some further reading under the “Citations” heading.

I found the link to this page from the NC State University World Agroforestry site, which offers additional resources for agroforestry-related social networking and research in addition to some good scientific articles. The stated goal of the site is as follows:

“Have you heard about agroforestry and want to know more about how it works and what it means for the products you see at the store?

This website is for concerned consumers interested in making informed purchasing decisions regarding agroforestry products. This website will explain the basics of agroforestry, environmental and social benefits, and certification schemes. While we focus on agroforestry as a whole, we will use examples from the agroforestry coffee industry to illustrate key points.

Our goal is to provide an educational website to help interested consumers both understand the importance of making informed decisions about purchases and empower them to fully understand the agroforestry options available.”   

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