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Apocynaceae, Plumeria rubra, Frangipani

January 21, 2009

Best propagated from cuttings, Plumeria species can be grown as shrubs for some time, although, eventually they will become small trees (up to 10 m).

Plumeria rubra is the most common species, with pointed leaves, smallish white flowers with a yellow eye, and som pinkish coloration on the outside. There are several varieties with larger flowers, which are variously colored with pink, and yellow, and a large white flowered variety called P. obtusa, which has blunt ended leaves.

All plumeria species are fairly easy to grow. The most important factors are sunny position and well-drained soil. The shrubs/trees drop their leaves about once a year, but most species are never totally bare of leaves unless in strongly seasonal tropical zones.

Here are photos of a less common species that I grow in Panama. And a photos of a pink variety.

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  1. Apocynaceae, Thevetia ovata (?), Codo de fraile – Jalisco, Mexico | anthropogen

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