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Fabaceae, Vachellia (Acacia) farnesiana (?) – Greece

February 14, 2011

I found this growing here an there as a street tree throughout Athens, and planted in Church courtyards elsewhere in the country. I think its Acacia farnesiana, but not positive. Any positive ID would be appreciated.

Acacia farnesiana, also known as Needle Bush, thrives in dry, saline soils. The seeds of V. farnesiana are completely non-toxic to humans and are a valuable food source for people throughout the plant’s range. The ripe seeds are put through a press to make oil for cooking. Nonetheless an anecdotal report has been made that in Brazill some people use the seeds of V. farnesiana to eliminate rabid dogs. This is attributed to an unnamed toxic alkaloid.

A black pigment is extracted from the bark and fruit. The tree makes good forage for bees.

This species contains 5-MeO-DMT. Ether extracts about 2-6% of the dried leaf mass.


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