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Elephant carnage on the railroad tracks – Gabon

July 24, 2014

Here is a somewhat grizzly series of photos depicting the aftermath of what appears to be an elephant having been recently hit by a train and subsequently stripped of its meat by local villagers…Yes, that circular grey thing is an elephant ear.

I took this photo in Gabon at the end of 2012.

Railroad tracks, Gabon

Elephant carnage, Gabon

Railroad elephant carnage, Gabon

Railroad elephant carnage, Gabon

Elephant carnage, Gabon

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  1. July 24, 2014 10:08:23 pm

    I am sure the elephant did not die right away after getting hit by the train, wonder how the train and people on it fared. poor crittors.

  2. July 25, 2014 10:08:25 pm

    I guess they didn’t waste it…

    • August 14, 2014 10:08:34 pm

      Yep, pretty much everything gone, I was kind of surprised there wasn’t some use for the ear.

      • August 14, 2014 10:08:40 pm

        It would make a most interesting book cover 😉

        • August 14, 2014 10:08:51 pm

          Yes, great idea. Or hey, maybe there’s a market for salvaged elephant ear iPhone cases!

          • August 14, 2014 10:08:58 pm

            Or turnshoes (my latest leather lust 😉 ) I reckon we are onto something sir! SHHH don’t tell anyone, we can just hang around the train stations in India on the off chance that one hits an elephant and then we can get first dibs on the ears…I reckon we might have to charge a bit for the end result though 😉

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