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Ceanothus incanus, leaf, flower and flower bud – Monterey County, California

April 5, 2014


Two photos below depicting the flower, leaf and flower bud of Ceanothus incanus.

Ceanothus incanus, flower

Ceanothus incanus, leaf, bud

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  1. April 6, 2014 10:08:51 pm

    So many variations in the leaves! At least the flowers stay relatively true to type. I guess going by leaves isn’t going to identify many ceanothus 😉

    • April 11, 2014 10:08:30 am

      Yes, an incredibly diverse plant in that regard and many more species then I had ever previously imagined. Flowers do tend to look similar, although there exist a range of colors, purple, blue, cream, white and inbetween.

      • April 11, 2014 10:08:39 pm

        The flowers are very similar in their composition though which makes it easier to classify them. If you were going by the leaves it would be much harder 🙂

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