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Soil Atlas of Africa

May 28, 2013

The first Soil Atlas of Africa was recently released and made available at the African Union and European Union Commission College meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (April 25-26, 2013). The Atlas was introduced by EU Commissioner Hedegaard (Climate Action) on behalf of the European Commission President Jos Manuel Barroso. Below I have included a links to the 3 part Atlas PDF  and bit quoted from the EU Commission website briefly explaining the importance of this resource (both the Atlas and soil in Africa).

You can download the African Soil Atlas PDF by clicking links below, or by referring to the EU Commission website:

  • Part 1 Pages 1-78, Size: 254MB
  • Part 2 Pages 79-128, Size: 95MB
  • Part 3 Pages 129 – 176, Size: 175MB

What is special about soil in Africa?

The first ever SOIL ATLAS OF AFRICA uses striking maps, informative texts and stunning photographs to answer and explain these and other questions. Leading soil scientists from Europe and Africa have collaborated to produce this unique document. Using state-of-the-art computer mapping techniques, the Soil Atlas of Africa shows the changing nature of soil across the continent. It explains the origin and functions of soil, describes the different soil types that can be found in Africa and their relevance to both local and global issues. The atlas also discusses the principal threats to soil and the steps being taken to protect soil resources. The Soil Atlas of Africa is more than just a normal atlas. It presents a new and comprehensive interpretation of an often neglected natural resource. The Soil Atlas of Africa is an essential reference to a non-renewable resource that is fundamental for life on this planet.AF-Soil-A4_s

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