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The Grey Fox Epistles

May 17, 2013
For any reader interested in mythology, folklore, or reading/writing in general, below is some background information and links regarding a writing publication project that a friend of mine  (also my brother’s girlfriend) has been working on. In short, the publication is called The Grey Fox Epistles: Wild Tales by Mail.  Subscribers receive one of Sylvia’s original tales every month (in their physical mailbox), printed, packaged and sealed in wax. All stories are at least 4,000 words in length, and previously unpublished.
When Sylvia told me about this undertaking I thought it seemed like a great idea. She has already amassed a list of subscribers from diverse ends of the planet… If I can help add another person to that list by way of this post, I’d be happy, and I know she would to. So, for all those people out there who long to open up their (physical) mailbox and find a hand addressed letter with something imaginative and interesting to read,  you should consider looking into subscribing to Sylvia’s short fiction series.
Below is a short description from Sylvia’s weblog, The Indigo Vat:
“All Gray Fox Epistles are retellings of deep old myths and tales, the kinds that have been passed on through centuries, through many different wild landscapes. These retellings are re-rooted in the wilds that I know– redwood forest, tule marsh, northern coastal scrub. They are walks into the mythscapes & landscapes of the soul, and are also very tangibly and vividly rooted in the wild ecosystems that I am always learning here, on the edge of the central coast of California. In these stories, the landscape is itself a character and never just a backdrop, and the principles of deep ecology are honored and brought to narrative life.”
For more information, visit The Indigo Vat…
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