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Some fruit and pig parts – NYC

February 20, 2013


In NY Chinatown a few weeks ago…

Some fruit and a pig... NYC

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  1. February 20, 2013 10:08:42 am

    Pig parts lying around at room temperature = problems! …the fruit is fine though 😉

    • February 20, 2013 10:08:42 pm

      Well, to be fair, it was pretty cold that day.

      • February 20, 2013 10:08:56 pm

        I don’t really have too much of a problem with exposed meaty bits as my own father used to leave his food out of the fridge for days on end if the truth be known and was as healthy as an ox. He said “the more bacteria you get into you at a young age, the stronger your gut is going to be!” he also espoused the eating of raw onions at every meal (but hated garlic…part vampire methinks 😉 ) but there was something to what he said, he never EVER got sick from eating anything even if it WAS a leg of lamb roast that had been sitting on the counter for almost a week! I think that we modern day humans (dad was primal 😉 ) spend too much time trying to sterilise our food (along with change it’s genetic code!) rather than learning what we can do with it naturally to increase its food worth. Fermenting, curing etc. all increase the nutritional value (and keeping qualities) of food and perhaps those piggy parts were going to be used STAT? Who would know… all I could think of when I saw them was pork futures 😉

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