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Rooftop fish farms to feed Germany’s sprawling urban population

August 30, 2012

From the Guardian…

“Fish farms have proved controversial in the estuaries of north Atlantic salmon rivers and in the Mediterranean, with anglers and environmentalists claiming their byproducts are seriously damaging the natural habitat.

But a project in Germany aims to feed growing urban populations by bringing aquaculture into town centres, putting tanks on rooftops and car parks and using the waste to grow vegetables.

The idea is simple. Perch swim in metal water tanks and the ammonia they excrete is used to fertilise tomatoes, salad leaves and herbs growing in a greenhouse mounted above. Aquaponic fish and vegetable farms aim to provide a self-contained system designed to provide city dwellers with organic, sustainable locally grown food.”

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  1. lucajove permalink
    August 30, 2012 10:08:54 am

    Meu senhor Deus, a tí entrego a energia do meu ser, cuide da minha alma, equilibre minhas energias, faça com que eu atraia somente boas energias das pessoas com quem convivo, e que eu consiga transmitir somente energia positiva para elas. Meu Pai, sei que toda energia boa do mundo provém de tí, portanto me iluminai o tanto que for necessário com a sua positividade. Em nome do Pai, do Filho e do Espírito Santo. Amém! Bom dia de amor.paz.fé e positividade.Obrigado!!!

  2. August 30, 2012 10:08:07 am

    Excellent idea from the Germans who seem to be less afraid of trialing alternative ideas en masse. Wouldn’t it be great to see apartment buildings with at least the capability (and permission) to farm on the roof?


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