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Are human beings pushing earth to an environmental tipping point?

June 7, 2012

I saw a few articles on this subject, apparently in response to “Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere,” published June 6 in Nature, wherein Anthony Barnosky and 21 co-authors cite 100 papers summarizing what’s known about environmental tipping points….

From Wired: “Could human activity push Earth’s biological systems to a planet-wide tipping point, causing changes as radical as the Ice Age’s end — but with less pleasant results, and with billions of people along for a bumpy ride?

It’s by no means a settled scientific proposition, but many researchers say it’s worth considering — and not just as an apocalyptic warning or far-fetched speculation, but as a legitimate question raised by emerging science…” Read full article from Wired…

From BBC: “With forests and fish stocks declining, water demand rising and lack of action on climate change, humanity’s path is anything but sustainable, the UN warns.” Full article from BBC

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