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Torched cinema, post-riot – Athens, Greece

February 14, 2012

This is a photo of a famous neoclassical cinema that was set ablaze the night of the recent Athens riots. I took this photo the morning after. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera that night. The building was still smoldering. The air smelled of burning plastic and teargas fumes lingered in the air. Most unprotected buildings had their windows smashed and adorned with graffiti. Streets were dotted with burned piles of miscellaneous combustible objects and thousands of chunks of marble and concrete were strew over most flat surfaces, having been broken off of buildings and sidewalks and used as projectiles by the rioting masses. Something in the vicinity of forty-five buildings were set on fire throughout the city although, as far as I could tell, Banks and Government buildings stood unscathed. I was especially dismayed to observe the number of potted plants and planter boxes that had been smashed and disassembled. It seems the general objective of the rioting was lost in the midst of the chaos, historical buildings and public infrastructure took the brunt of the wrath… Here’s some good photo-documentation of the evening’s event.

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