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Passifloraceae, Passiflora foetida, flower and fruit – Gabon, Central West Africa

February 1, 2012

I believe this is a Passiflora foetida variety that I recently photographed in Gabon. The orange fruit is small but contains edible seeds and pulp with a similar taste as Granadilla. There are quite a few varieties of this species. Here’s another P. foetida I took photos of in S. Vietnam. I didn’t get a photo of the flower, the leaves look different.

And a list of previous posts on other members of the Passifloraceae family.

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  1. February 1, 2012 10:08:15 pm

    such a complicated flower, yeah? absolutely my faves. In Massachusetts we called them “Maypops” but down here in Florida they’re all just passionflowers. Gorgeous!

  2. February 1, 2012 10:08:46 pm

    I see these in Florida a lot and are, same as commenter above, one of my favorites. Thanks so sharing this wonderful post with us.


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