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An Experience in Nomadic Pastoralism

June 3, 2011

Here’s a brief overview/description of my friend Thaddeus’ most recent project, and a link to his weblog GoatWalk

Quoted from the blog: “In short, the idea is that goats are highly efficient and adaptable browsers, capable of turning even woody twigs into milk and meat. So we can travel with goats nearly anywhere, as long as there is food for them, and they in turn will provide food for us, mostly as milk. So we’re taking a trip for a month, with light packs, a limited supply of backup food (in case of an unthinkable loss of the goats, or, it doesn’t work out) and seven goats. Two will be giving us milk, typically 3000 calories a day or more. One is a castrated male, trained to carry packs, and he will be carrying a few supplies for us. The other four are the kids (a side effect of milk) whom we are currently training to pack as well.”

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