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Anacardiaceae, Pseudospondias longifolia, Osungubali, Mundzundzibali, Musungubali, Otsongobai, Ofoss

February 18, 2010

This is a Gabonese fruit tree. Not photos yet. I’ll take some as soon as I get a chance. The painting below is by Katherine Abernathy.

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  1. Eric K permalink
    August 3, 2010 10:08:23 pm

    Spent time in the peace corps over in Gabon. This looks a lot like one of the fruits that would be available on the market – “etangas” (spelling unknown). You would boil the purple fruit until they floated. The inside flesh was the color of an avocado. Eat them with salt and a cold beer. Anybody have any better information on this fruit? I would like to find it in the US.


    Eric K

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