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Edible Schoolyard, Escuela Isaac Rabin, links to student blogs – Panama

May 8, 2009

Below I have listed and provided links to six student blogs documenting our Edible Schoolyard project at Escuela Isaac Rabin. See this previous post discussing the scope and rationale behind the project. I  haven’t yet had a chance to look through the blogs at length, but from what’ I’ve seen they look great. For students to be managing their own blog seems like a fantastic way to record the unfolding of the project.

The blogs are in Spanish, but I think there are webpage translators for those of you who don’t speak spanish.

Angelo Marrone, (Panama), 12 years old :

Tania Bader, (Mexico),13 years old:

Sebastian Otway, (G. Britain/Jamaica),12 years old:

Felipe Alfaro, (Panama), 12 years old:

Aranza Fuentes, (Chile),12 years old:

Camila Aybar, (Panama):

During two consecutive days next week we will be working to condition the soil-quality along predetermined sections of the schoolyard perimeter. The existing soil is of very poor quality, compact, red, clay-dirt, a typical post-deforestation tropical soil-type. We will improve soil quality to an extent. By planting trees and shrubs, and creating shade and a thick mulch layer, the soil quality will continue to improve into the years.

After this initial site preparation we can get into the first major phase of planting. The students have sprouted Chaya and Katuk cuttings, and seedlings of the nitrogen-fixing butterfly pea. Next week I’ll be bringing a wide diversity of useful plants, trees and seeds.

There is no shortage of bio-mass available within the confines of Ciudad del Saber. One reasonable goal for this project would be to rely solely on these close-proximity sources of organic matter to supply schoolyard demands.

It couldn’t be a better time of year to plant, rain is just starting.

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  1. March 9, 2013 10:08:09 am

    What an amazing life you have led! 🙂

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