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Passiflora spp., Passiflora vitifolia

March 7, 2009

Found this Passion flower variety in Soberania National Park, Panama.  Need to go back and get a photo of the leaf.



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  1. Yero r. Kuethe permalink
    December 13, 2009 10:08:00 pm

    Hi there,

    This are some very good pictures of this Passiflora.
    So let me give you the identification.
    the scientific name is Passiflora vitifolia
    First, its Taxonomy:
    family Passifloraceae
    genus Passiflora
    supergenus: Distephana
    species: vitifolia

    the Passiflora vitifolia is very closely related to a few other species within the Distephana supergenus.
    What this species will seperates from other Distephana are the three lobbed leafs, which are very similar to a grape-vine. (Vitis)
    The Latin name as Vitifolia, means “with leafs like Vitis” grape genus.
    Very nice picture
    kind regards,
    yero r. kuethe

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