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Dwarf Jaboticaba fruit

February 25, 2009

Almost ripe fruit from a dwarf Jaboticaba. These are a few early ones, it looks like the tree is about to explode with a bunch more flowers. 

dwarf jaboticaba fruit

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  1. May 2, 2009 10:08:16 am


    I just stumbled upon our site. I am growing a few tropical fruit plants myself, but I have limited space so most of them grow in large pots.

    I have never heard about dwarf jaboticaba. I would be very interested in buying some seeds from you if that’s possible. It sounds like a perfect container plant. Can you please email me.

    You have many interesting articles so I have now bookmarked your site.


  2. adam permalink
    August 15, 2009 10:08:55 pm

    I’ve got this same tree in Central FL, it was sold to me under the name “everbear”. It has larger leaves, much more palatable skin, and a more precocious fruiting habit. I’ve been told it fruits earlier from seed than other typical varieties. Water demands seem to be higher as well than typical formas. Please let me know if you have know how cold these trees can survive. I’ve seen some of these trees survive low 20’s so I think its similar in cold hardiness as the regular jabos I’ve seen in Central FL. Thanks for posting the pics!


  1. Dwarf Jaboticaba (M. cauliflora), flower and fruit «

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