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Proven benefits of urban agriculture

May 4, 2008

Benefits of urban agriculture:

–      higher productivity per unit of space


–      low capital per unit of production


–      low energy consumption


–      low marketing cost


–      freshness of the products. 



–      Smaller scale plots, greater diversity


–      Intensive horticulture practiced on small plots maks efficient use of limited water and land resources


–      It has been demonstrated that an area of six square metrs can produce all the vegetable needs for a family of four for a year


–      Horticultural species can provide up to 50 kg of fresh produce per square meter per year, depending upon the technology applied


–      Productivity can be as much as 15 times the output per hectare of rural agriculture


–      Provides quick response to emergency food needs


–      Efficiency through productive use of under-utilized resources, such as: 


o  vacant land 


o  treated wastewater


o  recycled waste


o  unemployed labor. 


–      Greater degree of crop diversity = year-round production = year-round employment and income

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