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Santa Familia, vivero structure complete

May 3, 2008

Finished structures. I’ll have about five times more space than in Conservatorio. Next week I’ll work on transferring half of every species I have in Conservatorio over to Santa Familia. I brought a large Mangosteen over, four Araza, a bunch of medium size miracle fruit and two Brownea spp., not sure what species yet, smaller leaves, but that might just because its roots have been constricted. I’ve been keeping pots of germinated seedlings in Conservatorio, which I also transfered to St. F. These include numerous varieties of native palm, a few kinds of palm from Summit, Kaffir lime, Biriba, a few dwarf Cuban papayas. I’ll have the whole space full within six months. More than enough trees to eventually create canopy over every square inch of vacant space in this part of the city. 

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