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Phytolaccaceae, Petiveria alliaceae, Anamu,

April 2, 2008

I am growing at least two varieties of this plant, one of which I collected in the wild out of Soberania National Park.

An extract of the root, well-washed, cut up, and boiled in water is said to be taken during the first two months of pregnancy to cause an abortion. The leaves of this plant are used in magic rituals and in therapeutic baths that are administered to give good feelings, increase thinking, and improve one’s outlook on life. Bathing with garlis weed-treated water is used for feavers and headaches. A preparation of the leaves is taken orally for lung ailments, while a liquid extract is used for earache. Other  traditional uses include: rheumatism, cramps, beriberi, worms, scabies, arachnid stings and bites, paralysis, toothaches, and venereal disease. It may have curative properties against pancreatic cancer. 

 Following is a good link for extensive info:

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