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Conservatorio perimeter section

March 30, 2008

Perimeter section

Alot of the perimeter has only a shallow layer of soil, then rock. The areas with deeper soil seem to be fairly fertile, full of varying sizes of clay rock and old ocean detritus. I plan to either jackhammer the rocky sections or to build raised beds over them. It would also be good to eliminate more of the concrete slab that covers the vast majority of the ground in the lot. This photo shows at least fifteen useful species, some of which are out slightly out of sight. Among them are: Galangal (edible root, leaf), torch ginger (edible flower bud), patchouli (essential oil), numerous Portulaca varieties (all edible), katuk (edible leaf), seisu (edible leaf), Vietnamese cilantro (edible leaf, Ecuadorian nut vine (edible seed), purple Hawaiian taro, bilimbi (edible friut) night blooming jasmien (hallucinogen, ornamental), dwarf pink banana, clitoria (nitrogen fixing leguminous vine), anamu (native medicinal), Celosia argentea (edible leaf), two Crotolaria varieties (nitrogen fixing, native bee attractant), basil, Ipomea arborea (LSA?).

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