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Myrtaceae, Eugenia stipitada, Araza

March 3, 2008

Thought to be native to the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon, still not very widely cultivated. Araza is typically consumed fresh, used to prepare excellent juices. The flavor and texture is considered to be superior to the guava. The most notable benefits of this species are, A) that it is shade loving. Unlike most fruit trees, Araza prefers at least partial shade. I have seen it growing and producing fruit in the dappled shade of understory, below two canopies. B) Given the right conditions the tree can bear fruit within a year and a half or two years of growth. Once a tree begins bearing it can be depended up on to flower and fruit fairly consistently. C) Fruit are large, seeds are easy to separate. D) The fruit is versatile. Excellent as a base for sauces, juices, and so forth. Usually used for juices. Consumed with Miracle Fruit it is almost disgustingly sweet.

Araza is extremely rich in carbohydrates (7%) and vitamin B1.

The tree thrives in humid tropical climates, adapted to at least 2,000 mm annual rainfall and to poor, acidic soils.

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  1. January 30, 2013 10:08:08 am

    Cliff, 200 calories of sieewbrrrtas (a very generous serving) has .3g of PUFA. That’s so little as to be inconsequential. And with anti nutrients, quantity is also important. You’ll be getting such small amounts that its really not worth stressing over. I would definitely stick with berries; they generally have lower fructose levels and higher nutrient levels than other fruits. Jun 11 2011 at 22:54


  1. Araza, leaf and flower «

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